Need some purchasing advice for HEDT computer

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Need some purchasing advice for HEDT computer

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I could use a little help trying to figure out where to buy a new HEDT computer.Here is the issue: I just picked up a job that needs a computer with as many cores as I can afford (but does not rely on the GPU as much). I was hoping to pick up a Threadripper based machine but it looks like my schedule wont allow me to muddle along till they start shipping. I'll likely need the new machine before then.I am on a pretty tight budget as the job doesn't pay all that much and if I buy an expensive machine I am basically just working to pay for the machine... (I'd rather just relax in the sun in that case. I can't put a specific number on how much money I have to spend, but I am already committed to spending $1K just on the specialized software that I need. I might be able to spare another $1200 for the machine and maybe $350 or so for the Monitor.As stated, I need as many cores as I can afford to buy (core speed also matters as well, but my software is heavily mutlithreaded so two half-speed cores will perform around as fast as a single full speed core). I need some kind of a GPU, but for reference I am currently working on a late 2011 iMac with an AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 2MB of RAM. I wouldn't mind a better card, but this one seems to be adequate. I need at most a 1TB hard drive, and most of my time is spent waiting for the CPU's to render, so an SSD would be wasted on me. Basic networking is also plenty. I'd really rather not build my own machine. I just don't have enough experience that I am willing to do that on top of doing this job. If I had more time, I would but for now I think I would prefer a pre-built machine. That said, I am not completely ruling out building a machineIt seems that most HEDT computers that I can find pre-built are designed for gaming. That means I am paying for fancy GPU's, LED lighting, silly looking cases, etc.So...My questions are:
1) If I wanted a fast (CPU not GPU) machine that was pre-built but was customizable (i.e. best CPU's I can afford, cheapest HD and GPU)... where would you go to buy it? I'm guessing it would be a Ryzen machine because my use case dovetails well with its strengths and costs.
2) If I decided the self-built route is the best way to go after all, where would I find a pre-selected set of components that are known to work so I don't waste time debugging weird hardware issues?
3) I'm totally open to buying used machines (though probably not individual components because, again, I am on a time budget). Does that sound reasonable? Is EBAY the best place for that?
4) If I do buy or build a machine, eventually I will want to have a Threadripper machine (again, future jobs will need lots of cores). Is there anything I should be trying to do so that at least some of my purchase is forward compatible?

Please help.

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