Best M-ATX MB for 2xGTX 970 4Gb

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Best M-ATX MB for 2xGTX 970 4Gb

Post #1 by Ustormer » Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:35 am

Hi there!

I want to rebuild my current desktop and add another 970 4Gb to my system. The thing is that my motherboard has 1 single PCIEx3.0 slot and my case only supports Micro-ATX motherboards.
I want to buy another one with 2 PCIe slots, but has I bought the computer already built, i'm not really sure about what manufacturer should I buy to enable SLI in my system which has an H4 Socket.
I’m living in Portugal right now so, I would like to buy it from a Portuguese retailer so that i can claim warranty if anything goes wrong.
I already started searching and found some solutions (at least I think they are). Can anyone please tell me which of these is the best one for my application?
I'm a video content producer, so I need a lot of GPU power. (that's why I want to have them in SLI)

My Budget for the MB is 120€ (MAX).

I’ll leave the link for the ones I think will work well, below.
I'm really inclined to buy either the Gigabyte H170M or the MSI H270 Gaming M3.
If you have any other suggestions (like stores) or recommendations please advise.


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