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Adding a score to HWbot guide

Post #1 by Gregster » Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:16 pm

A quick guide to adding submissions on HWbot.

First off, you need to take a screenshot of CPU-Z (CPU) and CPU-Z (Memory) - GPU-Z (I add GPU-Z sensors as well but not compulsory) and I also Add MSI AB to show my clocks and also this isn't compulsory but saves any hassle. I also add the finished score and if it was an older run, I would open it up in a webpage and shrink it to fit the screen. I have added my name to this as well, just for clarification that it is me.

To take a screen shot of your desktop, hit PrtScr once, open up paint and use the paste button. I then resize it to 1024x576 and save. That is that little bit covered.

It should look like this when done.


You then need a picture of your computer to verify that you are not using extreme cooling.

It should look something like this.


That is that bit covered. Now to add a submission. Head over to http://hwbot.org/team/team_mlg/#Members then click the "Submit score" button on HWbot - As I have just done a 3DMark FireStrike run, I will scroll down to where firestrike is and as I have done a normal run, I select "3Dmark" change the select menu to "Firestrike" and submit. You should be presented with a screen that requires user input and it should go like this.


I filled that all in and then got another screen that required deeper user input and I tend to just add the basics (CPU/GPU/Memory/PSU) and you will need to add those desktop images again and comp pictures again/3Dmark score url (If it didn't save them) and it will look something like this.


Then hit submit again and it will check everything and add your score to the bot/Team MLG/yourself.

Done. :)

Any questions or if anyone is unsure of anything, ask away. No excuse for not adding now and when you have done it a couple of times, it becomes very easy.

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