** MLG 'Grand Bizarre' Market Place Rules and Guidelines.

The place to sell and trade your PC and Consoles equipment, accessories etc.

Please read the Market Place rules and guidelines
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** MLG 'Grand Bizarre' Market Place Rules and Guidelines.

Post #1 by TheMidLifeGamer » Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:07 pm

The ‘Grand Bazaar’ Market Place is open and free to everyone wishing to buy or sell PC /Console equipment including full systems, components, Consoles, Software and Games (providing they are legal and within the term of re-sale) and accessories. Basically, if it's anything to do with gaming, you can buy and sell it. We do ask however, that you kindly observe and respect the following guidelines and rules for everyone's benefit.

Our rules for the Market place are simple. There is no banning or suspensions for using the Market Place but your thread may be edited or removed if you break what rules we do have.

Thank you for looking and happy trading


Any member entering an agreement to buy and/or sell item(s) in the midlifegamers.co.uk ‘Grand Bazaar’ Market Place (the market) do so entirely at their own risk. The owners and moderating team of midlifegamers.co.uk (the team) accept no responsibility for the accuracy of any item(s) advertised within the market. The team also accepts no responsibly for any item(s) that are undelivered, lost, stolen or damaged nor any non payment of item(s) or any disputes as a result thereof. By posting in the market, you, the member, agree to these terms.

General Rules and Guidlines for buying and sellling

The following is a rules and guidelines are in place to help you buy and sell safely and successfully.

The ‘Grand Bazaar’ Market Place is for private trading only. It is not open to the trade or traders.

The feedback system is only to be used for the ‘Grand Bazaar’ Market Place when a sale has been completed. Only the buyers and sellers may leave feedback.

The sale of illegal software and games is prohibited.

The Sale of Steam, Origin and any other online game distributions may be sold under their terms and conditions of sale.

The general forum rules apply to the ‘Grand Bazaar’ Market Place. Please make sure you read these.

Placing your advert (seller)

Only advertise items if you are the legal owner and you are able to dispatch as soon as payment has been made.

Please make sure your items are in good working order. If there any defects, please make sure you disclose this information.

Check if there is any warranty left on your items. If so, you may need to check with the original vendor or manufacturer if the warranty be transferred?

If you intend to post your items, make sure you are aware of the shipping costs involved before placing the advert as this can significantly increase the costs. Clearly state your shipping arrangements.. such as Royal Mail Special Delivery, DPD, City Link etc..

if the items are not being shipped then clearly state your item is for ‘Collection Only’. It’s a good idea to post roughly the town you live in or the first part of your postcode.

As the seller, it is your responsibility to ensure the items arrive as advertised. We highly recommend insuring items over the value of £20. Decide if you want your items to be insured during shipping and state if this is included in the price or not.

When placing your ad, please state the following:

- A brief description of the item(s) in the heading
- A detailed description of the item(s) in the body of the forum.
- The condition of the item, New used, any marks scratches etc.
- A starting price (this is mandatory)
- State whether the price includes P&P or is ‘Collection Only’ (this is mandatory)
- State if your item includes insurance.
- How you would like paying; PAYPAL, Bank transfer etc.
- Pictures of the items (Please observe our image rules)
- Warranty details if applicable
- Your return policy

While the advert is running (seller)

You may bump your thread at anytime, but please be reasonable and consider other sellers.

You may reduce the price of your item(s) but please strike through existing prices in the opening post so as not to deceive buyers.

Items which have received no interest after 90 days are automatically purged. You are free to re advertise if this is the case.

If you wish to buy and/or make an offer (buyer)

Please state clearly that you wish to make a purchase.

If you are making an offer, please make sure it’s a reasonable one and not derisory in any way.

There is no line for buying. The seller may choose who he or she wishes to sell to.

Conducting business outside the forum (PM, email, phone etc) is allowed but not advisable. Apart from exchanging personal and valuable information, all other correspondence should be kept in the thread.

Split Requests are allowed at anytime.

Please do not offer more than the asking price.

When a sale has been agreed (Seller/Buyer)

Firstly, exchange personal details such as email address and contact telephone number using the PM system. Do not post personal information on the forum.

Make sure you are both clear on the sale price and what is and isn’t included.

The seller should provide the buyer with clear payment instructions.

The buyer should provide the seller with clear delivery instructions including:

- Buyers full name
- Delivery address including post code
- Any special instructions

The seller is entitled to only dispatch items after payment has been cleared. However, in some cases, where the seller has no feedback, the seller may be asked to send items first. This is perfectly acceptable but ultimately at the discretion of the seller.

Sending your Item(s) (seller)

Make sure the goods are securely packed. Use original packaging if you can.

Make sure the delivery address is clearly readable and won’t come off. If you are sending by courier, make sure you follow their packaging requirements.

Let the buyer know when they are likely to receive their items. If you are using a tracking system, then let them know the tracking details.

Completing the sale (Seller/buyer)

Once the item has been delivered, please leave feedback as appropriate.

Please close the topic so that everyone knows it's all done.


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