Command and Conquer Generals lives!!!

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Command and Conquer Generals lives!!!

Post #1 by OverFienD » Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:05 pm

Installed Command and Conquer Generals-Zero Hour,only to find with a big surprise that the :o y were no official EA servers hosting anymore for a 2003 game :lol:
So a quick type into Google,and i found this little gem of a websitehttps://cnc-online.net/en/ it host free servers to most of the Command and Conquer series. So i signed up and registered my account,downloaded Gentool,which is needed to go online with Zero hourhttp://www.gentool.net/
When you get to the online menu for Zero hour put in your email address-user name registered with-Server password,which is different from your sign in password on website. Once that's done you should be good to go and play other people online again.
Don't download the CNCOline,as it don't work with Gererals for some reason,but i think you might need it for the other games in the series...

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